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April 9, 2012 @ 12:41 pm

A brief PAX East ’12 Recap

Wow…what a weekend. Let me start off by saying after 3 years of PAX East, I finally get it. While I only spent two days there, I got to meet so many cool people and share so many memories and good vibes that I’m still trying to process it all. From new friends I met at the bar over a few “ones that are cold” to the proud and sincere indie developers on the show floor, to the tabletop gamers who were more than willing to teach a noob how to roll. Hell, just the intelligent and thoughtful conversations about Mass Effect alone could have made it worth while for me.

It’s taking a lot of restraint to not totally geek out and gush about getting the chance to talk with Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm again, and give them a copy of my album. Let’s just say, “Thanks guys”….squeeeeeeeeee.

As for “Clutter in the Machine”, I know it hasn’t even been 3 days yet, but I’ve got a great feeling about this. First off, thanks to all of you who helped make it and then gave us such great feedback. Even bigger thanks to those who’ve downloaded it and are hopefully enjoying it. I’ve decided to keep the album available for FREE for the rest of this week as people return from PAX and it’s haze, and begin to sort through their swag bags.

I’m already excited for next years event…hell, I’m even crunching numbers to see how I can swing Prime this year. In the meantime I’ll be processing it all…

Pics here

Stay hungry,


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