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March 26, 2013 @ 11:34 am

PAX Recap

PAXEast 13 Expo FloorEach year after the whirlwind that is the PAX weekend, I try to write one of these recaps. Sometimes they get written, sometimes not…though I’m not sure if one has ever been published.

PAX this year was awesome, but in a different way than usual. Aside from ESO I wasn’t interested in seeing any of the “big games” (read: waiting in line for an hour), so I was able to roam freely. Thankfully I did, because I found a whole world of indie games that I can’t wait to play again. From Fractured Soul (coming to Steam), to Castle Story, to Shovel Knight, I must have killed 4 hours between them. Each felt engaging in a fresh way that was exciting, not to mention supporting the little guy is huge for me.

I dragged my brother to his first PAX this year and we had a blast. Got to show him the ropes and do a Streets of Rage 2 speed run in our hotel room. And he won a camo hat at the nascar racing booth. (no joke.)

PAX isn’t all about the games and panels for me though. Sure I enjoy my hours in the classic arcade room (Thanks ACAM!) and the Mass Effect retrospective was fun and revealing, ultimately I’m there for the music. My music, specifically. So it’s with that in mind that I say Thank You. Thanks to all of you who I got to meet and chat with, to those who came to see me play my songs, to those of you who begrudgingly took a free music card from the awkward guy with the beard (me).

Each year in the months leading up to PAX East, it’s a mad dash for me to have something ready…be it new music, or promo materials or whatever. By the time the date rolls around, I’m pretty much spent and stressed. But every year, you all manage to not only show me that it was worth while, but give me the boost I need to get back at it and move onto the next level. You guys are my energy tank, or my red turtle shell, or spread gun power up. Thanks. Sincerely.

More to come.

Stay hungry,


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