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MisCast is a geek-rock duo from Boston, MA. With an eclectic mix of musical stylings ranging from rockabilly, to folk, to straight up punk, Jay & Sully write about things that matter to them; from games to movies to comics to tech to not fitting in to poor sentence structure.

MisCast released their self titled debut EP in the spring of 2010, followed by their first full length “Clutter in the Machine” in 2012. MisCast is currently hard at work on their follow up release as well as a tour. Stay tuned and Stay Hungry!

MisCast has been featured on Coverville, Reddit Radio,, and Hipster, Please.

Jay of MisCast
I’m Jay. I write songs, play guitar, and at times attempt to sing. I’m also obsessed with Transformers and all things Nintendo (8-16 bit, natch). My influences are all over the place, but it’s safe to say my punk roots are showing, as well as my love of early rock ‘n roll.

I write music because I have to. It’s in my soul and is constantly clawing its way out. Few things bring me greater joy or fulfillment.

Stay hungry-




Sully“I’m Sully, I thought alone the description of myself would be enough for the masses to interpret my amazing level of awesome, but Jay has insisted that no, he need more input. Born on Cinco de Mayo (I expect presents) as a youth I found a niche playing wiffleball, saxophone and Zelda. This has led to an adulthood of softball, singing and Zelda. Not much has changed. In many ways I’m still the 12 year old boy who created his own wiffleball card complete with season and career stats. In many ways this is the adult version of the wiffleball card only now my hair is longer.
As the music would tend to indicate Jay and I are both geeks who enjoy and work best in that sphere of existence. My biggest geek interest is Star Wars, my biggest practical geek tool is my film making and audio video abilities. I game on the XBOX mostly, and occasionally on my Wii. My XBOX tag is RiceTwist and if you look at my alarmingly life like avatar you will see my most played game is Rock Band. I own the Wii for 4 reasons in reality, 1 the virtual console, 2, Link, 3, Samus and 4 Mario. I endeavor to play more games, but time becomes an issue if you fuckers want new music and so I wish I could say that is where my time goes.
I write music with Jay because it is a great outlet for my creative self. I also like to think of it as practically using my college education (which I’m still paying for). And lastly not in importance, but in order because Jay writes great great stuff, allows me to give a voice to it and tolerates my many nuances in our process of getting it done.
In some round about way that’s why I’m here. Thanks for checking us out and find me on twitter (@RiceTwist) if you want to say hi or ask me something.”


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Music and assorted geekery for your enjoyment.
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