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The Ballad of E.L. Brown

MisCast – Ballad of E.L. Brown

A timeless tale, told through song. Sure, Marty gets all the screen time, but we all know who the real brains behind the operation was.

He stood upon his toilet seat one dark and dreary day,
Then suddenly that seat beneath him violently gave way,
And the Doc came crashing down onto his porcelain throne,
Then into his giant brain…a notion did occur…

So onto a paper sketch the Doc did diagram,
A strange formation never before seen by man,
And upon it’s completion he did just realize,
He’d just created the means to travel through time…


After years of toil He finally did produce,
All dressed in steel and wires, plutonium in it’s caboose,
And when it reached that magic speed twin fire trails behind,
A sonic boom and flash of light…he’d gone back in time…

He started out in 85, with his Delorean
ended up in 2015, and then came back again
flew back to the future, to try and save the day
Then an old man split time, with the almanac of Grey.

Through many years and two time lines the Doc did explore,
All with the help of a young man, an orange vest he wore,
Upon his makeshift skateboard he rode and saved the day,
All the while teatching his da-da-daddio, what to say..

Now to 1955, to stop what had gone wrong
Then lightning struck, and instantly the Doc was gone
Stuck in 1885 no way to get back home
Til a flying train ruined this whole fucking tome.

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