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Thunderbrat Blues

MisCast – Thunderbrat Blues

Most of us know the origins of the Thundercats. From the planet Thundera, the Thundercats served as the planets royalty until the evil mutants from Plundarr attacked and destroyed their planet, forcing them to flee.

So while that is more than enough backstory for your typical 80’s cartoon/20 minute toy commercial…it left us wondering. What about all the other Thundercat-like people who inhabited Thundera? I imagine they were pretty miffed when the royal family and their posse jumped world at the first sign of danger, leaving them all behind to suffer certain death at the hands of the Plundarrians. Kind of a dick move in my book. And it’s with that in mind that this song was written. I mean, if a guy is enough of a jerk to let his people burn while he jetsets off to paradise, imagine what he was like in day to day life.

My home world’s slowly dying
I got nowhere left to go
The Thundercats just left me here
Oh, fuck that Lion-O

I’ve known him since we were kids
Silver saucer in his mouth
He’s the first to cry and to tell us why
Why Jaga likes him best

Oh its no wonder that we’re
The ones who’ve been left here
Us common cats always getting screwed
Thudera’s eying
Everyone is crying
Yeah my home world is dying blues.

Shouldn’t they have saved us?
Not turn their tails and go?
Thunderbrat stole my girl,
Cheetara you HOOOOOO!

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