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You don’t exist in Canada

MisCast – You don’t exist in Canada

I have a problem. An obsession really. A love so strong, it almost feels wrong. So I wrote a song about it. I’d tell you more, but my fingers are so greasy, they’re making a mess of the keyboard.


Oh, they say you’re bad for me

But babe I’ve got to disagree

Even though you’re a little fatty

I never notice when you’re oh so crispy


In the morning I can smell you in the air

I can taste you on my tongue

I can see you laid out before me

Taste your skin its oh so salty


Even though you leave behind a greasy pan

I don’t mind, it reminds me of you all day long

I know you’re never more than a car ride away

Much closer than six degrees


I know you’ve burnt me in the past

But babe those scars never seem to last

I can hear you call out to me

From under the safety of the splatter screen

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